Ambra Mondino Boiero (Torino 1979) has been nurturing for more than 15 years the passion of drawing and painting.

Pupil for 2 years of Sandro Carletti and for 4 of Domenico Audisio, she has been able to explore her own creative flair through many different painting techniques, in particular watercolours and temperas.  

Her works stem from Piedmontese nature and from the art of renowned past naturalistic painters like Jean-Jacques Audubon, and they represent animals and plants of the North Western Italian territory. The environment's pictorial translation originates form a mindful care to details and from a thorough research work on local fauna & flora, often unfamiliar to most people. To this a lively graphic sperimentation is associated, thanks to a wise use of blank spaces and to material esploration, with a broad employment of collage and mixed media.

Since 2000 – the magazine's birthyear – she contributes to Il corriere di Carmagnola with a personal column, an artistic corner dedicated to pitoresque and naturalistic views of the town of Carmagnola.

In the last decade she took part in many collective exhibitions, with both naturalistic and general theme. After the 2010 solo show upon invitation of the Director of the Naturalistic History Museum of Carmagnola, many other solo exhibitions followed.

Ambra Mondino
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