Piovą 2014

Piovą Massaia - Peppermint fair

After the long pause of 2012 and 2013, this year I'm back to art exhibit!

Through friends I got invited as guest artist in Piovą Massaia, among the Asti hills, for the Peppermint fair: together with the rural festival, there will be an ornithological exhibition, in which I will show some themed paintings.

The show was held in the first fortnight of June  in Piazza Don Borio 1, with the opening at 17.30 on Saturday 31st May: paintings aside, it was be a good opportunity to discover the winged creatures of our lands, not always so known. And moreover, after the exhibition, many visitors took advantage of  the local hospitality with a stroll at the eno-gastronomic corner tasting some local delikatessen.

The show was then posponed until the end of June: it was wonderfully staged by the hosting association (Associazione Frą Guglielmo Massaia), which collected photos, paintings and natural relics like nests and footprint casts, filling up the old parish cinema.

I admit that before being invited I did not even know where Piovą was, but then, after living the peppermint fair and the unstoppable organisation by the ProLoco, I must reconsider everything: exhibition or not, next year we'll be back. :)

Thank you for passing by!

Useful links

Fair programme

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Piovą Massaia town council

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